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With reference to the Oweld Oxyhidrogen Brazing systems we are pleased 10 confirm that we successfully apply this technologes in our production.

We are fully satisfied with our choice because the brazing system has improved the speed of the production and have increased the uality of our products (deeper alloy penetration, no overheating, reduction of human error).

Besides the generator have reduced the manufacturing costs, have increased the level of health and safety and have reduced the envirenmetal impact.

No consumption of Oxygen and Acetylene (avoid tw rem boltes and the consumption of those gas).
One machine works for a few torches (independent multysystem machine).

We conducted tests :

Wall thickness, mm: 0.3-1.0.

1. Experience on the stability of the seams against vibration,

2. Experience on stability to low temperature.

3. Experience on stability to heat.

Conclusion: good quality

Very important is the prompt service Oweld, directly from the manufacturing site and locally with a”’service centre in Moscow. Our machines are covered by a service contract in this way we continuous work with no delays or disruption.

We remain al your disposal for any other information.

Thank you very much.

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