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Размотчик провода с катушек весом до 300кг

Simple handling

  • Motorized reel lifting and clamping system for smooth wire handling
  • Heavy-duty layout for reels up to  300kg
  • Short changeover times thanks to simple setup system and hand held remote control 

Fast and smooth wire feeding

  • High feeding speed of 3.5m/s
  • Step less regulation of speed thanks to the wire accumulator
  • Proven control system for high process reliability and constant cable feeding 

High flexibility in any application

  • Processes wide range of round cables
  • Dedicated for coaxial cable due to fine adjustment of pull force
  • Available for two cable diameter 18mm / 35mm
  • Adjustable height of outfeed pulley


The latest generation of wire processing machines allows high rates of acceleration and speed. This feature places big demands on the feeding of the wire being processed. Komax has a range of wire feeding systems to ensure the optimum solution for your specific application.

The F1150 feeder is the latest motorized feed system in the Komax series for automatic and low-strain processing of cable reels weighing up to 300kg. Thanks to its robust design and powerful drive, this feeder gently and effortlessly processes wires in a reliable process, be they thin flexible stranded wires or thicker cables sensitive to tensile strain, such as coaxial cables. The system is available in two versions to accommodate wires with two different outside diameters: 18mm and 35mm.

With its highly compatible control system, the F1150 can be integrated seamlessly into a complete wire processing line and greatly contributes to high production output. The setup time is reduced to a minimum thanks to the ingenious setup system that has axes motorized in all directions and that is controlled from a manual remote control.

Технические характеристики:

Катушка макс.диаметр
макс. вес
Провод Диаметр
Сечение провода
Параметры размотки Скорость вращения
Макс. скоросьб подачи провода
Емкость компенсатора
285 об/мин
3.5 м/сек (зависит от типа кабеля и катушки)
6 м (в зависимости от типа)
Питание Напряжение
Подача воздуха
3×400 В
50 Гц
2.2 кВт
6 атм
Габариты Высота выхода провода
860–1050 мм
1500×1100×1000 мм
460 кг

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