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Komax 345

Komax 345 – Microscope

  • Clear visualization of even the tiniest cable samples
  • Image data saved with date and time stamp
  • Integration in TopWin or own operations


The spread of miniaturization makes it increasingly difficult for users to check the crimping area with the naked eye. With the high-quality Komax 345 digital microscope, users can now display even the smallest conductor cross section clearly and sharply on a monitor. The monitor belongs to a Komax basic machine with TopWin or a company’s own solution. 


The adjustable focus and different measuring supports allow cables and contacts of the most diverse sizes to be checked.
An integrated LED light delivers perfect lighting and can be turned on and off from the software. Operators can also use the software to zoom in and out on the digital image of the sample and to affix a date and time stamp to an image before saving it.

Komax 345 Microscope

Important instructions

The integrated microscope solution from Komax ensures that this function has no affect on machine performance. Conventional microscope systems can have a negative impact on the performance of machine PCs and thus on the performance of the machine itself.

Технические характеристики:

Microscope resolution1280×1024 pixels (1.3 megapixel)
Illumination  Integrated LED light with 8 LEDs
Dimensions (W×H×D) 84×190×65mm (3.3×7.5×2.6in.)
Centering element for the cable sample Changeable measuring supports, four positions based on cable diameter 
Background grid Different paper scales and calibration plates 
Communication USB 2.0 

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